Our pies & pizzas are made with love, patience and a spoonful of pride. It is our greatest wish that you may find comfort, warmth and happiness in every bite.
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About KobePi



At the core of what Brenda does lies her desire to connect with people – “it’s less about the fancy equipment or constantly pushing the boundaries of culinary technology to create ‘revolutionary’ pies, the best pies in my opinion are pies that are humble, real, soulful and genuine”.

A daughter with an ambitious heart, Brenda has worked to perfect her father’s recipe while translating his desires to create soulful food through the fusion of Japanese and English flavors. Her father founded Oishi Japanese Pizza in Singapore over a decade ago and Brenda hopes to bring those flavours back. Brenda wanted to create something novel, yet retaining a sense of comfortable familiarity. Hints of Japanese flavors from the teriyaki chicken chunks, the minced Japanese beef curry and the wasabi seafood are encapsulated within an English-crusted pie pastry, and baked to golden perfection.

At KobePi, the message is to delight through heartwarming, homemade kitchen goodies, “homemade pies can trigger memories and positive emotions by bringing back a sense of childhood nostalgia, memories of family and love, and that warm fuzzy feeling of happiness – the exact feelings I would like people to experience while having my pies”.

Brenda goes beyond the aspiration of viewing her pie as ‘merely food’ but a relationship buffer that brings people together – an icebreaker, a conversation-starter, a gesture of encouragement, and a medium to convey heartfelt love and appreciation.

Because at KobePi, the desire is not only to fill tummies, but to also fill hearts.

Founder & Director of Kobepi

Kobepi is actually pronounced as ‘ko-be-pie’. We intentionally left out the ‘e’ to reflect the concept that KobePi stands for both KobePie x KobePizza.

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